At Midhaven Homes, we care about what our customers think of our products and services and we work hard to support our community whenever possible.  We continue to find new ways to improve and provide better solutions for our home owners and to help build our community into a place you can be proud of.  Take a moment to read some of our testimonials below and see what others think about the Midhaven experience.

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  • Josh Fletcher

    Special Olympics

  • Bill Hunt

    Midhaven Customer

  • Mr. & Mrs. G. Gray

    Midhaven Customer

  • The Hospital Activity

    Book For Children

  • Beth Lo Bello

    Midhaven Customer

  • Father John Pilkauskas

    St. Gregory Church

  • Brad Duguid

    Ministry of Labour

  • Gilles & Linda Landry

    Midhaven Customer

  • Isabel Lockhart

    Midhaven Customer

  • Mr. & Mrs. Wiliams

    Midhaven Customer

  • The Todds

    Midhaven Customer

  • Walter Zutell

    Midhaven Customer

  • The Sobers

    Midhaven Customer

  • Blaisdale Montessori