GreenHouse Certified Construction

GreenHouse Certified Construction is a reflection on the home builder, as someone who goes above and beyond the “standard” building code to provide homes that put quality of life first. Every facet of home construction is considered, from the type of insulation used to the quality of the air in the home. A GreenHouse Certified home saves you money from the day you move in.



GreenHouseTM Certified homes have to meet stringent energy efficiency guidelines. Many things affect energy consumption within a home and the GreenHouse program provides a menu of energy efficiency options, from which a builder can choose, to achieve the GreenHouse standard. Substantial energy savings are the result of using proven, advanced building materials, techniques and standards; if you build a house better –  you get a better house. What follows is a summary of many of the energy reduction strategies outlined in the GreenHouse Certification program.



Canada’s wealth of fresh water reserves have been misunderstood and misrepresented for years. Two things are clear: we don’t have unending supplies of replenishable fresh water and the cost of supplying water to homes, businesses and institutions, is one of the largest expenses faced by municipalities today. Less water used means less water to move and great cost savings for consumers.



Dust, viruses, bacteria, humidity, pollen, pollution and chemicals all affect the air quality of a home. Superior filtration and ventilation, along with intelligent choices of home-finishing products (like low-VOC paints and carpets) help maintain a fresher, healthier home – an important consideration to any family concerned about allergies, asthma or respiratory ailments.



When planning and designing a GreenHouseTM Certified home, great care goes into the selection and ordering of materials. Waste is significantly reduced, by applying a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy. Less to order,  less to ship, less to pay for… it all adds up to savings. Using high recycled content products and recycling construction waste are important parts of the GreenHouse program that greatly reduce the volume of waste  sent off to landfill.