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A Midhaven ENERGY STAR® qualified home is a healthier home.

Our Houses are designed and built to be healthier, less costly, and above all less taxing on the environment. We implement better building techniques and use longer lasting materials, and by recycling leftover materials which equals greater savings for our homebuyers and the environment. Our Green homes are expertly sealed and third party tested to deliver year around energy savings. Please take a moment to see how our homes are different.

A Midhaven ENERGY STAR® qualified home is a healthier home.

  1. Value Engineered Wall System with Energy Saving Insulation
    R24 batt insulation in 2×6 exterior value engineered wall system reduces excess lumber, allowing for more insulation, plus R5 exterior Silverboard Graphite rigid  insulation provides a continous airbarrier and additional weather proofing. Combined provide R29 insulation, less thermal bridging, reducing heat loss and lowering heating and air conditioning costs. Higher levels of insulation combined with effective air sealing, keeps us warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.
  2. Upgraded Attic and Overhead Insulation
    R60 attic insulation is the most effective way to reduce heat loss and keep your home comfortable year-round. R31 Spray foam insulation is used on exposed floor areas over unheated spaces that contain living areas such as garages for warmer floors and a more comfortable living space above.
  3. Superior Basements
    Advanced waterproofing, drainage membrane, and wall insulation make the basement a drier, warmer, fresher, and all around more comfortable usable space. R-20 Full height basement wall insulation is installed 6” from the floor. A dry and comfortable basement means a dry and comfortable living space above. Basement ductwork joints are taped to improve efficiency and airflow, ensuring comfortable living in every room.
  4. Energy Efficient WindowsCross Section Triple Pane
    ENERGY STAR® qualified windows are Low “E” Argon gas filled, delivering superior performance and home comfort. Also reducing heat loss and gain, delivering superior comfort, less condensation, and better protection of interior surfaces from damage.
  5. greenhouse/house_hrv.jpgERV Energy Recovery Ventilation System
    ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation system) allows fresh air into a home, while retaining pre-conditioned heating and cooling between incoming and outgoing air streams. It takes less energy to heat/cool the air you bring into your home, ultimately saving you money on heating and cooling costs. The ERV also greatly improves the indoor air quality and is especially important for children and people with any environmental sensitivities.
  6. High Efficiency Heating System
    High efficiency gas fired, single stage furnace with a DC brushless motor has a maximum efficiency of up to 96% AFUE, providing a quieter furnace with more heat for less money. The DC brushless motor uses a fraction of the power of a traditional AC motor. This advanced blower motor provides effective air distribution throughout the house. Combined with well-sealed ductwork, the HVAC system will help maximize comfort and energy savings from the home heating system.
  7. Tightly Sealed Duct Work
    Sealing ductwork throughout the home helps reduce loss of air-flow, ensuring that every room is efficiently heated and cooled while providing a more comfortable and energy efficient home.
  8. greenhouse/house_drain_water.jpgDrain Water Heat Recovery System
    How it works: The DWHR uses energy from the outgoing warm drain water to pre-heat incoming fresh cold water so that the hot water heater does not have to work as hard to meet hot water energy load. The DWHR is maintenance-free with no moving parts to break down. It is environmentally friendly, reducing your hot water energy consumption by up to 40% while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  9. Sealed Spark Gas Fireplace
    Gas fireplaces are clean, efficient and require little maintenance. With a gas fireplace, when the gas supply is shut off, the fire goes out immediately. Because direct-vent gas fireplaces are sealed combustion units, there is little chance for toxic combustion gases to spill into the home, and efficiency is improved because they use no inside room air.
  10. greenhouse/house_thermostat.jpgProgrammable Thermostat
    Programmable thermostats save energy and money on utility bills by allowing residents to pre-set home temperatures according to various lifestyles and preferences. Homeowners can save up to $180* a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings.
  11. greenhouse/house_energy_star.jpgVerified and Tested
    All ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are evaluated and tested by a certified independent third party to ensure that high standards are achieved.

Midhaven homes set the Green standard.

Our Houses are designed and built to be healthier, less costly, and above all less taxing on the environment. We implement better building techniques and use longer lasting materials, and by recycling leftover materials which equals greater savings for our homebuyers and the environment. GreenHouse certified homes are expertly sealed and third party tested to deliver year around energy savings.

  1. greenhouse/house_light_bulb.jpgENERGY STAR® qualified light bulbs:
    Saves money, about $6 a year in electricity costs and can save more than $40 over its lifetime. Uses about 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and lasts at least 6 times longer. Produces about 75% less heat, so it’s safer to operate. Reducing your energy bill and minimizing home maintenance.
  2. ENERGY STAR® qualified ventilation fans:
    Ultra-quiet fans provide better efficiency and comfort than a regular “builder model” fan.
  3. Save water and energy with low flow showerheads and faucets. High-efficiency showerheads use 40% less water than conventional models. High-efficiency faucets use up to 30% less water than standard models. The less water you use in your sink and shower, the less water you’ll have to heat and heating water uses energy.
  4. Dual flush toilets allow you to reduce your water consumtion with each flush and lower your monthly water bill. Dual-flush toilets have two different settings, one for light, and one for heavy flushes.
  5. 95% Thermal Efficient Condensing Gas Water Heater. This condensing water heater provides a much greater heat transfer surface than a standard induced draft gas water heater, resulting in 90% thermal efficiency and a much higher hot water output than a standard 67% energy efficient water heater. It can deliver endless hot water for showers with a continuous flow of over 3 gallons per minute.
  6. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, adhesives and sealants. These low VOC products will help to reduce harmful gas emissions and to create a healthier, fresher living environment.
  7. greenhouse/house_carpet.jpgEnviro Select Carpet is crafted from recycled materials or as few natural resources as possible, with minimum waste. This carpet has low VOC emissions, and all their facilities are powered by 100% renewable resources: hydroelectricity and window power.
  8. greenhouse/house_counter.jpgQuartz Countertops are beautiful, low maintenance, eco-friendly (low VOC), and long lasting.
  9. Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is used for bringing fresh, filtered air into the home and it also recovers heat & moisture from the exhausted air for improved ventilation and a more comfortable and healthy home.
  10. Lifetime Limited Warranty on Shingles 
    Double layer laminate shingles provide superior protection homeowners can count on. From its eave protection and underlayment right up to its top quality shingles.
  11. Lumber
    Kiln dried lumber is used to eliminate warping and splitting, thereby reducing drywall cracks and nail pops. Optimized framing design increases the amount of insulation in the walls which results in a more efficient, comfortable, and cost saving home.
  12. Waste & Recycling
    On the building site we have a fully integrated waste management plan with at least 25% diversion from landfill through recycling, re-using, and the sorting of solid construction waste. All contractors working on our site are partners in our waste reduction initiative

Small steps make for big change.

  1. greenhouse/house_apple.jpgMulti Variety Apple Tree
    Have you considered an apple tree? Apple trees are probably one of the most common and satisfying fruit tree. This attractive and low-maintenance fruit tree is a simple and rewarding addition to any organic garden. You can enjoy multiple kinds of apples on one tree! With multiple varieties grafted onto one rootstock you can enjoy more variety and extended harvests in less space. Fresh fruit at your fingertips!
  2. Retractable Clothes Dryer
    Looking for a way to save on rising energy costs? Love the smell of clothes dried outside in the sunshine, but have no room for a clothesline?   With a simple one-handed movement, the retractable clothes dryer unfolds to reveal a drying length of 25 meters space enough for a full load of laundry and hanger hooks on the end. This handy wall-mounted dryer eliminates the need to carry, set-up or store a washing line, and will fit even the smallest outdoor area, instantly folding away into a compact, space-saving unit.
  3. Backyard Compositing
    Why compost? Good for the planet – Composting can convert a large portion of your household waste into hearty soil. This by-product of natural recycling will help your garden grow instead of emitting greenhouse gases and taking up real estate at a landfill. Good for your wallet – You could pay for the same stuff at a garden centre every year but homemade compost is absolutely free (once you have the composter). Great for your plants – If they could talk, they would thank you for feeding them nutritious compost.

4. Rear Yard Garden Plot
Growing your own vegetables is an easy and economical way to simplify a hectic lifestyle. Vegetables are actually some of the easiest plants to grow, especially from seed. With the constant availability of fresh vegetables from your garden, you won’t be able to resist them, and the kids will love getting their hands dirty too. We make it easy to get started with a raised garden bed in your back yard with soil and a vegetable garden seeds starter kit.

5. Reel Mowers
Why Choose a Push Reel Mower?

  • Light, maneuverable and functional
  • Appreciate the precision cut
  • Start your mower with a light push
  • Near silent operation
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • No gasoline means no fumes or Co2 emmissions
  • Takes up less space in your garage
  • Healthy exercise while enjoying your yard!