Our Building Story

Sam & Peter

Sam & Peter Saturno, President Midhaven Homes

The people you will find at the heart of Midhaven Homes are Peter and Sam Saturno who co-founded the company in 1986 along with a competent and highly trained staff.

Respected throughout the industry, they have a reputation for placing high demands upon themselves to ensure that Midhaven’s steadfast commitment to excellence, quality and value is realized. To this end, they spend a great deal of time in each of their new home developments.

Why bother taking such a hands-on approach? Two reasons.

First, it´s a matter of pride. By overseeing every facet of design and construction, they can be sure that each home built is one that they would be proud to call their own. Being a local builder, Midhaven Homes believes that their customers are their neighbours and members of the community; therefore, they want them to share in Midhaven’s pride of workmanship and enjoy the benefits of ownership in this vibrant development.

Secondly, it is Midhaven’s belief that by keeping in close contact with their customers, talking to them frequently and giving them one-on-one attention, can they truly give them the home they want, the home they dream of, and the home they deserve.

No detail is too small to escape Midhaven’s eye. From the quality of materials used in construction to the level of craftsmanship that goes into each home. From entrances to the proper flow of floor spaces. From the interior and exterior design to the finishing touches and trademark features that Midhaven Homes is renowned for. From the landscaping of grounds to after-sales service. Each element must work together perfectly, expertly and seamlessly before Peter and Sam Saturno will give it their approval and christen it a property worthy of bearing the Midhaven Homes name.